Feb 24, 2009

Compare Prices - Save Money

My best tip for saving money is to compare prices, so you can discover the cheapest store to purchase items not on sale. Save your receipts, so you have a handy reference for comparing prices on the things you bought. I look at weekly circulars, clip coupons, shop sales and stock up on sale items, use store club cards, take advantage of double and triple coupons offers, and always check my receipt to make sure sale prices are correct. It is hard to find good deals in stores on gluten free items, but comparing regular prices helps.

Here is one astonishing example. Envirokidz Gorilla Munch cereal (10 ounce box) costs $2.89 at Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Most other stores in my neighborhood sell it for around $4. I just discovered one store, Bloom, where it is $5.29! The boxes had an expiration date of only one month from now, so hopefully this is a sign that people realize it is overpriced and don’t buy it. I did email Bloom about this. I wonder what the response will be. I often hear complaints that Whole Foods is too expensive, but they do have some low prices as this example proves. Whole Foods has what I call “surprise sales” – sales that are not listed in their circular. While it is frustrating that all the weekly sales aren’t advertised, it does make for some great surprises while shopping!

I was surprised at Bloom to discover that they carry the Kinnikinnick white sandwich bread. The price tag said $6.09. The next closest store in my area that sells it is a good 20 minutes away, so in this instance I chose convenience over price. While at the self-checkout, I realized the price displayed on the register was $6.99. I found a nearby store employee and asked him to check the price. It turns out the price tag was wrong, and he gave me the bread for free! I was shocked! The employee pointed to the tiny sign by the register which explains that the store’s policy is to give you the item for free if the price is wrong. Bloom’s slogan is “Shop Happy”, and I did today when I got my free bread and some items at a great sale price.

I have found Safeway and Bloom to generally have the highest regular prices. However, they do offer some of the best sales. Shoppers and Target have the best regular prices in my area. I do not live near Wegmans, Harris Teeter, or WalMart, so I can’t comment on their prices. I have noticed that Giant recently raised prices by about 30 cents on many items, including milk, Gatorade, and shampoo. I was glad to see that Giant added a gluten free section to the weekly circular last week, but it did not contain it this week. Even if it is only occasionally, I am happy for any gluten free savings! For more on everyday low prices, please see my earlier posting.

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