Jun 27, 2010

Review: New Rudi's Gluten-Free Breads

Rudi's sent me free loaves of their new gluten-free breads.  In July or August, the frozen loaves will be available for purchase in many stores.  If you recognize the name Rudi's, that is because Rudi's has been baking organic gluten breads since 1976.

Rudi's gluten-free breads are certified gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients, including some organic ingredients. The breads thaw during shipping. They should be stored in the freezer for up to six months or kept at room temperature for up to four days.  The breads contain eggs and are free of dairy, soy, and tree nuts.  All three breads are made from a blend of rice, potato, and sorghum.

Multigrain Sandwich

The multigrain bread was very soft and the softness remained the same after three days on the counter in a Ziploc bag. I froze most of the loaf when it arrived. When I thawed some later, it was just as soft as when the bread arrived.  The multigrain tasted good, but sandwiches fell apart slightly while eating it.

The seeds create an occasional crunch, which may not appeal to everyone. If you look closely at the photo, you can see the little yellow pieces, which are millet. Unfortunately, they made a crunch that was a bit gritty. The other seeds are flaxseeds and sunflower seeds.

Cinnamon Raisin

When I opened my UPS package, this was the bread that I smelled. It had a wonderful aroma.  It was great toasted and had lots of plump raisins with a hint of cinnamon.  You can also eat it without toasting, but isn't all cinnamon raisin bread best enjoyed warm?

Original Sandwich

The original sandwich bread is very dry and the taste is a bit off. I think it needs a touch of sweetness to improve the taste and definitely moisture.  It was difficult to finish a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on it. However, it did toast well, and I enjoyed it with butter and cinnamon sugar.

Udi's vs. Rudi's

Both Udi's and Rudi's are located in Colorado. Udi's gluten-free breads are slightly cheaper than Rudi's (MSRP $5.99).  You can order individual loaves of Udi's bread, but Rudi's only sells their gluten-free breads online in a case of 8 loaves.

A slice of Rudi's bread is a little larger than Udi's and is a bit denser and thicker.  Rudi's slices are larger than other gluten-free breads, but still smaller than gluten bread.  Rudi's multigrain is as soft as Udi's, but the other two Rudi's varieties aren't as soft. Udi's does stay fresh for a longer period at room temperature - five to seven days.  Of course, that is to be expected given that Rudi's is made from all natural ingredients.

So, what is the verdict?  My daughter and I prefer Udi's over Rudi's for sandwich bread. Rudi's multigrain is a close second for me, but not my daughter. Rudi's original sandwich bread needs improvement.  Udi's white is much better. We will definitely be purchasing Rudi's cinnamon raisin bread regularly!

Jun 18, 2010

Discover New Products in Gluten-Free Living

I am now writing New for You in every issue of Gluten-Free Living. In this issue, there are ten companies with new gluten-free foods and a new gluten-free App. Read a detailed description about each new product, including interesting information about the company. Ann Whelan, Gluten-Free Living Editor, will continue to write about new gluten-free books. There are so many new gluten-free products for each issue that you will find several that are not mentioned on this blog. If you are trying to support someone who is new to gluten-free life, be sure to read my article on page 53.

As usual, this issue is packed with great information. I am amazed that I always learn several things from each issue. The article, “Should you worry about gluten in drugs?”, was very educational. Pick up a copy of Gluten-Free Living at select Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Wegman’s, Whole Foods, and health food stores, or subscribe so you never miss any new gluten-free information!

Jun 17, 2010

Vote for Gluten-Free Girl to Have Her Own Show on Oprah's New Network

Oprah is accepting auditions online for a chance to have Your OWN Show on Oprah's new network. On Twitter, I saw a few gluten-free auditions this week, but this audition from Shauna Ahern aka Gluten-Free Girl is the one that I hope the gluten-free community will unite behind.

Watch the audition video and vote now for Shauna! Ask everyone you know to do the same! The angle of her show, joyous cooking and naturally gluten-free, will appeal to many outside of the gluten-free community. Shauna needs your votes since only the five auditions with the highest votes will become finalists. Voting ends on July 3, 2010, and "you can vote as often as you like."

Jun 12, 2010

Young Camp Counselor Opens Gluten-Free Bakery

A new dedicated gluten-free bakery just opened in Danville, California. The owner, Katie Alin, is 22-years-old! Her mother has celiac disease. After being a camp counselor at the celiac camp run by her family's foundation (Taylor Family Foundation), she was inspired to open her own bakery called Miglet's Cupcake Shop.

Jun 9, 2010

Choosing a College Based on Gluten-Free Accommodations

An article in Food Management Magazine called Thinking Outside the Bread Box begins with a statement that unfortunately is a reality for some high school students. "High-school seniors are choosing colleges based on whether or not they can safely eat there."

The article talks about positive gluten-free accommodations at the University of Nebraska and the University of California Berkeley. It also explains that it may be easier to provide foods that are naturally gluten-free, like a quick stir fry or serving eggs for dinner. Cross-contamination is described and how purchasing pre-made gluten-free breads and pizza crusts can be helpful.

The article also mentions gluten-free menus at the Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA, and the Cancer Treatment Centers in Philadelphia, PA. Most importantly, the GREAT (Gluten-free Resource Education Awareness Training) program from NFCA is mentioned.

With informative articles like this one, we can look forward to the day when students with celiac disease can choose a college based on its academic merits, not a dietary restriction!

Jun 1, 2010

New Gluten-Free Asian Helper Chicken Fried Rice: Box Photos and Ingredients

I found the new gluten-free Asian Helper Chicken Fried Rice at Safeway today for $2. One box makes five servings, and one serving has 520 mg of sodium. Here are the ingredients, allergens, and directions. Click on the photo of the directions to read it. The other two gluten-free Hamburger Helper varieties will be in stores later this summer.