Jan 20, 2012

Review: Feel Good Foods Gluten-Free Egg Rolls

I was so excited when I found the new Feel Good Foods gluten-free egg rolls at Whole Foods. Trying them is a great way to celebrate five years of living gluten-free and three years of blogging. As many of my blog readers and Twitter followers know, gluten-free egg rolls are the one food that I have been craving for years.  

When I picked up the egg roll box, I was immediately impressed with the nutritional information: low fat and approximately 100 calories! One box of egg rolls is $4.99 and contains three egg rolls. They are available in three varieties: chicken, shrimp, and vegetable. They are dairy-free and contain eggs and soy. I purchased chicken and shrimp.

As soon as I got home, I popped one in the microwave and one in the oven. No matter how eager you are to try them, I don’t recommend microwaving them. Seriously, I waited five years for a gluten-free egg roll, so you would think I could wait an extra 15 minutes for them to cook in the oven before trying them, but I couldn’t. The box offers three cooking options: microwave, quick oven, and conventional method.

The egg rolls are long and thin and look more like a spring roll than an egg roll. If you are expecting a spring roll, then you will enjoy them. However, if like me, you are expecting a traditional egg roll, then you will be disappointed. They have a nice plump filling, but are missing the egg pieces, taste, and texture normally found in egg rolls. The chicken ones have too much black pepper, so I like the shrimp egg rolls best. I greatly appreciate that new gluten-free products like this exist, but unfortunately, they did not satisfy my egg roll craving.