Dec 17, 2008

Everyday Low Prices - Rice Chex is $1.67 at Target!

Here are some everyday low prices that I think are great!

Target has Rice Chex cereal 12.8 oz (the only size they seem to make) for $1.67, which is extremely cheap! If you also use the $1.00 off 2 boxes coupon that has been appearing regularly in the Sunday paper, that makes the final price for one box an amazing $1.17!

Whole Foods has some surprisingly cheap finds. The 365 brand spring water 1.5 L is 79 cents. Compare that to Deer Park, which is approximately $1.39. The 365 brand half gallon milk is $1.99, which is 30-60 cents cheaper than all my other neighborhood stores. Envirokidz cereals are $2.89, which is now exactly the same price as Trader Joe's, but much cheaper than the regular prices elsewhere.

Giant has Mission White Corn Tortillas 36 count package for $2.29. Compare that to the other specialty brands where 10 wraps cost even more than this. Yes, they may be a little smaller, but they are ample to wrap a hot dog or lunchmeat.

I normally try to buy all my paper products on sale. However, if I run out of paper towels that I stocked up on while on sale, I buy the 8 pack Target brand paper towels for $6.99. They are very similar to the Brawny paper towels, so much so that Target has stopped carrying Brawny.

Vitacost has awesome prices on vitamins. The prices are generally at least 40% cheaper than list and they have many gluten free products. Check out this price - American Health Ester C 225 count vegetarian tablets for $11.77, 45%discount. Coromega Omega-3 Fish Oil squeeze packs 90 count is $20.75, list price is $39.99! If you don't have a free shipping code, $4.99 shipping on any size order is good. I did the $4.99 shipping and received my order via UPS ground within a few days.

Please post below any good store or online everyday low prices that you find. The stores I shop at are all in Montgomery County, Maryland, so prices may be different in your area. Happy savings!

Update - Feb. 25, 2009 - The price of Rice Chex at Target is now $2.99. The Whole Foods waters are now 89 cents.

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