Feb 12, 2009

List of Blogs & Websites with Gluten Free Reviews

Browsing gluten free product reviews is an excellent way to discover more gluten free foods to buy. Most importantly, reviews are an essential resource for saving money and not wasting it on trying products that can’t be returned. Whole Foods has a satisfaction guarantee, meaning that you can receive a full refund after a product is opened. Restaurant reviews provide reassurance about the safety and quality of gluten free food and aid in locating new places to eat.

Many gluten free blog writers review products and restaurants. On my blog, you can quickly find all my reviews by either typing “review” in the google custom search box or clicking on the “review” label found in my label list at the bottom and at the end of any review posting. Every blog labels reviews differently. On some, the label is food, products, or eating out. On other blogs, it is difficult to quickly locate all reviews. Consistent labels are a great feature in blogs, allowing the reader a fast way to locate all postings on a specific topic.

Here is a list of some great places to find gluten free reviews. Please post other sites in the comments.

Product Reviews

Bon Bon Gazette

Book of Yum - Great Veggie Burger Review

Celiac Underground

Crispy Cook

Delightfully Gluten Free

Gluten Free Blog

Gluten Free Food Reviews - The entire blog is detailed reviews, with descriptions, ratings, and pros and cons.

Gluten Free Girl Recommends

Gluten Free Hub

Gluten Free Mall powered by Celiac.com

Gluten Free Optimist - Given the title and focus of the blog, only reviews that are mostly positive will be posted here.

Gluten Free Post

Mom Cooks Gluten Free

Naturally Dah'ling - beauty products

No Gluten, No Problem


Restaurant Reviews
Celiac Chicks – New York

Celiac Princess - DC

GF Road Warrior – travels every week

Gluten Free Baltimore

Gluten Free Globe – food around the world – This site is new and you can submit your own reviews of restaurants and products.

Gluten Free Portland

Gluten Free Raleigh (also has grocery store reviews)

Gluten Free Reporter - New - Blog writer lives in Chicago and is requesting reviews for restaurants throughout the country.

Gluten Free Restaurants

Gluten Free Travel Site

Gluten Freeway- LA

Katie Gluten Free in DC

More Gluten Free Options – Minnesota

Sure Foods Living - California

If you are looking for a specific review and are having trouble finding it, try posting a message on twitter, your local Celiac yahoo group, Silly Yaks yahoo group, or one of the other celiac forums. Please remember that everyone has different opinions and tastes, so reviews are only a guide. Experiences at restaurant chains may differ greatly depending on the location, so always be cautious when eating at a new location.

Update 9/20/09 There are now Gluten Free Examiners in many cities. The Gwinnett Gluten-Free Food Examiner maintains a list of all the Gluten Free Examiners on the bottom sidebar of her page.


alison said...

You can find food and restaurant reviews on my website too!

marylandceliac said...

Alison - I updated the list to include your wonderful blog - Sure Foods Living!

elizabeth atkinson said...

these are great, will have to explore -- haven't heard of some of them!

domino_dreams said...

hi, found you on Twitter. I saw you're in MD? Don't know if you have any mention, but if you've ever heard of Dangerously Delicious Pies in Baltimore makes GF pies that are really quite delicious. I give them 2 thumbs up. :)

celiacmama said...

I do lots of reviews too! I have to better label my posts though - thanks for pointing that out.

hellokittiemama said...

I do them a couple times a month also - usually on Fridays.


mb said...

Hi - thanks for the link. Nice list!

E said...

I wanted to give you the link to my gluten free food recipe blog...


Thanks so much!