Feb 8, 2009

Terrific Things - Pre-order Gluten Free Books on Amazon

Checkout the many new gluten free books which can now be pre-ordered on Amazon at a reduced price (20-35% off ). Most of them are eligible for the free super saver shipping if your order is at least $25 and have a pre-order price guarantee. There are also several gluten free books that have been released in the last year. What are your favorites? Which ones are the best for beginner cooks? Do you have a gluten free book that is not on Amazon? Mention it in the comments here!


alison said...

Good idea to see what books are on their way. I knew that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was coming out with a book but didn't know it would be called the G-Free Diet. They are trying to make it sound cool, just like I said in my article Celebrities and the Cleanse Diet!

celiacmama said...

My fave GF book is currently" The first year" by Jules Shepard. I'm in I think week 4 but it's really informative and I love her all purpose flour blend.