May 3, 2016

60 Easy Ways to Raise Celiac Awareness

Join me in celebrating Celiac Awareness Month this May. Beyond Celiac, formerly known as the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness, has put together a super list of 60 ways to raise celiac awareness. This year’s campaign is focused on raising awareness in 60 seconds (#60forCeliac), and I’m happy to be part of their blogger force. Here are five of my favorite ideas from the campaign. 

1. Watch and share this one minute video.

2. Tell a restaurant worker you have celiac disease instead of only asking for the gluten-free menu. 

3. Talk to one new person about celiac disease. 

4. Help someone in the gluten-free aisle at the grocery store. 

5. Ask your grocery store or supermarket to add gluten-free products.

Visit Beyond Celiac to see all 60 ways! What will you do to spread celiac awareness this May and all year?

Mar 17, 2016

Review: Wegmans Gluten-Free Crispy Rice Cereal

Ever since Kellogg’s discontinued gluten-free Rice Krispies in 2015, I haven’t had any luck finding a good replacement. Recently, I heard in social media that Wegmans Crispy Rice cereal is now gluten-free. I was very excited to try it and hoped I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Not only does Wegmans gluten-free Crispy Rice cereal taste very similar to Kellogg’s, but it is actually even better! The oven toasted rice is a bit fluffier and airier, giving it even more of a Snap, Krackle, and Pop. Not to mention the incredibly cheap price for a 12 ounce box of gluten-free and lactose-free enriched cereal – only $1.99! 

If I hadn’t heard in social media that it was gluten-free, I would have completely missed it at Wegmans. It is in the regular cereal aisle on the bottom shelf, and the only indication that it is gluten-free is the tiny orange circle with the letter G on the front of the box. I highly recommend that they also put this cereal in the gluten-free section. Wegmans has succeeded in creating the best tasting gluten-free Crispy Rice cereal. Now, they just need to make sure people with celiac disease can find it!