May 19, 2012

How to Get SAFE Gluten-Free Food at a Restaurant

How do you determine if the gluten-free food at a restaurant is truly SAFE for someone with celiac disease to eat? There has been tons of news coverage about Domino’s launching a “gluten-free” pizza that is not SAFE for those with celiac disease.
Since May is Celiac Awareness Month, it is the perfect time to implement an easy technique that people with celiac disease and gluten sensitivity can follow at restaurants. We need to ensure restaurant employees understand the importance of SAFE gluten-free food, and don’t confuse our order with a weight loss fad!
Use my SAFE technique before taking a bite! 
Shared cooking equipment, serving spoons, or fryers? Don’t eat it! 

Alert the chef that you will get extremely sick if your meal is not 100% gluten-free.

Follow recommendations and reviews from gluten-free websites, blogs, and support groups.

Examine their knowledge of gluten-free ingredients and cross-contamination.
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