Apr 13, 2012

New Resource for Gluten-Free College Students

The National Foundation for Celiac Awareness (NFCA) has a new digital publication for gluten-free college students called GREAT U. The terrific resource is a must read for gluten-free high school students applying to college. Those already in college will find the guide handy not only for themselves, but for helping roommates and friends understand the gluten-free diet. Parents will enjoy reading GREAT U, especially the tips on how to make the ultimate gluten-free package.  
GREAT U was created to build gluten-free students’ confidence and empower them to take action on their own behalf while on campus. All students deserve a GREAT college experience, and this publication helps them do just that.”
Here are my favorite articles in GREAT U:  
  • Gluten-Free No-Nos in the Dining Hall 
  • Gluten-Free One Liners
  • Hurdling the Obstacles
  • Dating Dos and Don’ts 
  • Great Stories from Our GREAT Schools (Emory University, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and University of Colorado Boulder)
  • How to Start Your Own Gluten-Free Advocacy Group on Campus
Thanks to Kelly Clayton, NFCA’s college intern, and Udi’s Gluten-Free for making this resource possible! Click here to download GREAT U. When you are done reading it, be sure to click the reader feedback button at the bottom to let NFCA know how great you think it is.