Dec 12, 2008

Gluten free label appears on more foods!

It is so wonderful to see more manufacturers printing the words "gluten free" on their products. There has been such an increase in this in just the last two years - imagine how it will improve in the future. It also saves a lot of time from having to call manufacturers to inquire if a product is gluten free. Contacting manufacturers took a great deal of time when I was first diagnosed. I was pleasantly surprised when I bought a new tub of Country Crock butter last week and saw gluten free on it! I find it reassuring to see this and how nice it is to not have to spend time in the grocery store reading all the ingredients to see if something has changed.

Update - Jan. 28, 2009- Unfortunately, there is no set standard in the US for labeling a product gluten free and some gluten free products may still contain gluten as was discovered by the Chicago Tribune (see my December posting). Please still use caution when seeing a gluten free label and question manufacturers.

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