Dec 28, 2008

Amazing Awareness - Celiac videos on "You Tube"

On "You Tube", you can search for celiac or gluten free and find hundreds of results, including many cooking demos, educational videos, and news reports. It is so nice to see all these videos together on one site.

I especially enjoyed this Liberty bakery commercial . You can order online from their website to try their products that are made in a dedicated gluten, casein, corn, soy, and nut free bakery in Florida.

I also was impressed with the celiac disease PSA with Heidi Collins. I found the video on the kids celiac camp interesting. This video is fuzzy on "You Tube", so the above link takes you to ABC to watch the clear video from August 2008. For more information on the camp, go to the celiac camp website.

Here are some other informative Celiac videos on "You Tube":

1. Heidi Collins on CNN first and second interviews
2. Cooking Spree Ad (with Heidi’s son in it)
3. Comcast Newsmakers Celiac Awareness Night - an interview with Alice Blast, founder of NFCA
4. The View - Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Dr. Peter Green
5. Dr. Aline Charabaty on gene testing. She has many videos explaining Celiac Disease.
6. Mystery Diagnosis Part 1 and Part 2- This aired on the first season of this popular Discovery Health channel show. There have been six seasons and this appears to be the only episode on Celiac Disease.
7. Mayo Clinic
8. Alternative Appetites - Vanessa’s Pizza from around the world - part 1. The entire episode and another one is on the NFCA's website .
9. Miami Pizza Fusion
10. Nearly Normal Kitchen - Jules Shepard makes graham crackers on Fox news - 2007. For more information, visit the Nearly Normal Kitchen website.
11. Enjoy Life on Food Network's Unwrapped

Please post in the comments below if you discover a gluten free cooking video you enjoy watching. Happy viewing!

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