Dec 7, 2010

Crave Bake Shop Baked Gluten-Free Cupcakes on Cupcake Wars

Tonight, Kyra Bussanich of Crave Bake Shop baked gluten-free cupcakes on Cupcake Wars on Food Network. The beginning of the episode had some terrific information about gluten-free.  Crave Bake Shop is a 100% gluten-free bakery located near Portland, Oregon.

The judges loved the gluten-free cupcake in the first round, which was a holiday cupcake made with cranberries and apple cider. In the second round, the three gluten-free cupcakes were inspired by holiday drinks. The flavors were egg nog, chai spice, and chocolate peppermint. They had beautiful decorations that impressed the judges. This quote from judge Candance Nelson from Sprinkles Cupcakes was amazing.

"I think you guys are like magical gluten-free elves that are working over there in that kitchen because I cannot tell that these are gluten-free cupcakes."

In the third round, Kyra had a display of Christmas trees on a table to hold the cupcakes, while the other finalist had an elegant sleigh display. Kyra added more ginger to the egg nog cupcakes at the request of the judges, but unfortunately she added too much.

While Kyra did not win Cupcake Wars, this was still a huge victory for gluten-free awareness.  This episode called Tree Lighting, the second season premiere, reairs several times this week.


Miriam Banker said...

Congrats on your finish on Cupcake Wars. Your product and displays were excelent and I thing your display was best. I watched the program twice and wanted to find out what is "near Portland" I lived in Cornelius and Hillsboro for a number of years and my daughter still lives in Cornelius. I want to recommend your business to her and I know you would like to meet her. They are trying to get started in printing and embroidery on fabric and you might have some sggestions and I know they would like your cupcakes. Miriam Banker

Crave Bake Shop said...

Thank you Miriam! We're located in Lake OswegO! Come visit us!

faithrunner said...

Do you ship cupcakes? There are no gluten free bakeries near us.

faithrunner said...

Would love to know if you ship your cupcakes or not?