Feb 7, 2010

Snow Photos and Food Safety

We received over two feet of snow this weekend in this historical snowstorm, making this the third snowiest winter of all time in Washington. Prior to the storm, I stocked up on food and household essentials, but didn't expect to experience two power outages. The second power outage was just before I made dinner. I was thankful that I had some thawed Udi's whole grain bread and Purefit protein bars. Udi's gluten-free bread is unique in that it does not need to be heated to make it soft.

Fortunately, each time my power was restored in about five hours, and the food in my refrigerator was still good. The USDA says food is good for approximately four hours in a closed refrigerator. If the doors are kept closed, food in the freezer lasts 24 hours if half full and 48 hours if full. For a longer power outage in winter, you can store your food from your refrigerator outside. Next time, I will have some shelf stable cartons of Silk or dry milk on hand in case my milk goes bad.

Here are some photos I took today, the day after the storm ended. On Facebook, you can view photos I took during the storm.

One of my favorite photos!

Can you find the fire hydrant?

There is a neighbor's car buried under that snow. I am so glad a friend will try to dig out my car from the parking lot tomorrow.

Can you find the car? Hint the car is driving with two feet of snow on top.

Some plowed mounds of snow are more than 5 feet high and taller than this person. The city plows streets in my neighborhood quickly, but some neighborhoods will be waiting several days for a plow.

Many people are also still waiting for their power to be restored. Schools are closed for at least the next two days. After three snowstorms last week, more snow is forecasted for Tuesday evening. Instead of being frustrated with the endless snow and dangerous ice, I am so thankful my power was quickly restored and am enjoying taking photos and blogging!

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