Feb 18, 2010

Are Blistex Products Gluten-Free?

Here is the email reply I received today from Blistex. Happily, all Blistex lip care products are gluten-free.

"Thank you for your interest in Blistex products and wanting to know if they are gluten free. We are pleased to inform you that all of our Blistex lip care products are gluten free meaning that they are free from wheat, rye, barley, and oats.

Please visit the Blistex website at http://www.blistex.com/ for a full listing of our products and stores that carry them in your area.

If we can be of any further assistance, please feel free to contact me direct.

Best regards,

Ed Mahay/S.K.
Supervisor, Consumer Affairs
Phone: 888-784-2472 x3218
Fax: 888-784-2473
Update: November 3, 2010 -  The new Blistex Five Star Lip Protection is not gluten-free and contains wheat germ oil, so the above statement is no longer accurate.

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