Feb 13, 2010

Enjoy Crepes Like Olympic Skier Hannah Kearney

United States Olympic skier Hannah Kearney loves to cook crepes with a variety of fillings for her teammates. While the crepes she makes probably aren’t gluten-free, her fillings could be used in gluten-free crepes. Hannah’s crepes are described in the Olympic blogs.

"I like to make the batter ahead of time and I'll have one with an egg and avocado and cheese for breakfast, then I'll have one with turkey and cheese for lunch, and then one with spinach and mushrooms for dinner," says Kearney. "Then for dessert you go with peanut butter and honey or cream cheese and jam."
But how much nutritional value do crepes have?

"It depends how you cook them," says Susie Parker-Simmons, a sports dietician for the U.S. Olympic Committee. "With Hannah, she's very nutritionally
sound. She has very good nutritional practices and loves cooking, which is fantastic." Parker-Simmons says that because of the way she makes them-with less
oil and sugar than store-bought varieties-and the diversity of fillings, they're reasonably healthy.

There are many recipes for gluten-free crepes. This one uses a blend of several flours, and the kid in the video is adorable. So, whip up some gluten-free crepes, and eat like an Olympic athlete!