Sep 30, 2009

Soy-Yer Dough on Shark Tank

Sawyer Sparks was on "Shark Tank" last night. He invented gluten-free Soy-Yer Dough and was trying to strike a deal with the sharks to expand his business and open a factory in his community to create jobs. He currently makes Soy-Yer Dough in his mom’s kitchen along with his girlfriend. They can only make 12 containers every 10 minutes.

When asked what percent of children have this aversion to wheat, Sawyer said “1 in 8 children”. I am not sure if this statistic is accurate. He also said celiac disease is an allergy to wheat. Celiac disease is not an allergy.

If you missed the show, episode seven can be viewed on the ABC website. Sawyer begins at 30:37. You can also read a detailed recap of the episode. This was a great opportunity for Sawyer Sparks and his community. It was also good awareness, despite some inaccurate information.

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