Sep 24, 2009

Four New Kinnikinnick Products

Kinnikinnick announced today on twitter the following information about their new products.

"The 4 new Kinnikinnick products are now or will be available over the next few weeks direct from us and in stores in 2-4 months"

"Kinnikinnick is introducing Chocolate KinniKritters, Graham Style KinniKritters, Fudge KinniTOOS & Panko Style Breadcrumbs"

The Fudge KinniTOOS were recently announced on the Kinnikinnick blog, and announcements for the other three new products will be posted soon.

1 comment:

Allison the Meep said...

Heck yes! I feel that Kinnikinnick has mastered gluten-free convenience foods.

I'm a baker, so I never really buy that kind of stuff since I like to make it for myself, but even I can't match up to their Chocolate KinniTOOS as the perfect Oreo replacement.