Sep 29, 2009

Gluten Free Gratefully Review: Delicious Cookie Gifts

In April 2009, Cookies from Home started a line of gluten-free gifts, Gluten Free, Gratefully. While the gluten-free cookies are not made in a dedicated gluten-free facility, they are made on dedicated equipment. When one of the owners, Barry Brooks, wanted to send me a free box of these gourmet cookies, he provided me with more information about the “stringent steps” they take to prevent cross-contamination.

We have a separate mixer used exclusively for our gf cookies in our mixing room that we keep covered at all times unless in use. We always make these mixes first and place the dough in special color coded pails which are kept separately in our walk in cooler from the other cookie batches. As soon as this mixer is finished being used, we cover it and begin our other cookie mixes. We mix every other day, so any airborne particulates have settled in the almost 48 hour period. When baking the gf cookies, we have separate sheet pans, oven mitts, and specially designated oven that is used specifically for this product. After the cookies come out of the oven they are put in separate Tupperware-like containers which are tightly sealed. All of the utensils and containers mentioned previously including the spatulas are color coded to separate their use on or with our other cookies.”

The cookie gifts are normally shipped FedEx two day from the bakery in Tempe, Arizona and are guaranteed to be received within 48 hours of baking. The shipping cost is around $10.95, but it could be more depending on the gift and location. The diameter of the cookies is approximately 2.5 inches. Some of the ingredients are rice flour, potato starch, tapioca starch, and Xanthan Gum.

All five flavors are very good, sweet, and soft, so it is hard to pick a favorite. My two favorites are the Triple Treats (chocolate chips, walnuts, and plump raisins) and Mac the Nut (white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts). The chocolate chip cookies were extremely soft and moist.

The company recommends storing them in an air-tight container. On the third day of storing these cookies on the counter in a Ziploc bag, they were almost as soft as the first day. On the third day, I put the remaining two cookies in the refrigerator and then heated them in the microwave for 10 seconds before eating on the fourth day. They were still very fresh.

Here is a quote from my eight-year-old daughter, who eats gluten.

These cookies taste like gluten. My two favorites are the Fudgies (chocolate cookies with chocolate chips) and the chocolate chip. The chocolate chip cookies are better than the ones at my school cafeteria.”

We both agreed on two things that would make these cookies even better: more chocolate chips in the chocolate chip cookies and more peanut butter in the Peanut-n-Butter cookies. We would both happily eat all the flavors again!

If you are interested in trying these cookies without a gift box, the best deal is only available by phone – 22 cookies for $14.50. The cheapest cookie gift box on the website is the sampler of 13 cookies for $22. There are several gifts of 12 cookies for $23 and 22 cookies for $37. The Happy Birthday tin contains 39 cookies and the price is $53.50. The Walking on Sunshine gift box is appropriate for any occasion and is available in several sizes. These would be the perfect gift to send to gluten-free kids at college.

Update 9/29/09
- After reading my review, Barry Brooks told me they will be adding more chocolate chips and peanut butter like we suggested!

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