Sep 30, 2010

Money Saving Tip: Coupons at Whole Foods

The coupon book at the Whole Foods always has many gluten-free coupons. Print out several copies of the coupons online or pick up The Whole Deal at the store. While there is a limit of “one coupon per purchase of specified product,” the coupons are usually good for three months. In the August/September issue which may still be available in stores, there is a fantastic Larabar coupon for a $1.25 off two, which basically means one free Larabar! I have used this coupon at least four times already and it expires the end of October. 

The October/November issue of The Whole Deal is now available. Most of the coupons can be printed online and they expire December 31, 2010. Some of the new gluten-free coupons are:

• $1 off one Lundberg 2 lb. bag rice

• 75 cents off one Siggi’s yogurt

• 75 cents off one Thai Kitchen product

• 50 cents off one ThinkThin Bar

• $1 off one half gallon or quart of So Delicious Coconut Milk vanilla, original, or unsweetened beverage

• $1 off one Earth Balance Organic Soy Milk

• $1 off two Deboles pastas

• $1 off two Imagine soups or broths

• $1 off two Gluten Free CafĂ© frozen entrees

Be sure to also pickup The Whole Deal book in stores for this great coupon: $1 off one Gluten-Free Bakehouse Pumpkin Pie. Even without coupons or sales, there are some good prices that can be found at Whole Foods, including 365 milk and water and EnviroKidz cereal.  Some 365 Every Day Value products are gluten-free and are listed on the Whole Foods' gluten-free list.

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