Sep 26, 2010

Celiac Disease Episode to Air on Public Television

The seventh season of Second Opinion will feature an episode about celiac disease. Episode 702 is called celiac disease, and will air on October 15 or 16, depending on the public television stations in your viewing area. In the DC area, Second Opinion airs on Saturdays at 9:30 am on WHUT channel 32.

Here is the description of this episode, which will likely include Dr. Daniel Leffler, Director of Clinical Research at the Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

"Nearly three million Americans suffer from Celiac Disease, a hereditary, autoimmune digestive disorder which is difficult to diagnose. Discover how a gluten-free diet (no wheat, rye, or barley) results in greatly improved health for those suffering from this disease."

If you aren’t familiar with Second Opinion, read the description of this unique series.

"The long-running, Telly award-winning series engages a panel of medical professionals and lay people in honest, in-depth discussions about complex medical issues. Host Dr. Peter Salgo presents intriguing, real-life medical cases to professionals representing a variety of specialties. As the experts grapple with the diagnosis and treatment options, viewers gain an understanding of doctors' decision-making process."

In episode 413 called inflammation, there was information about celiac disease and eating gluten-free. Joseph Mercogliano, a plumber in Long Island, shared his celiac diagnosis story on the show. It took two years for doctors to diagnose his weight gain, swollen lymph nodes, and chest pain as celiac disease.

Additionally, you may be interested in watching episode 701 about Vitamin D. Watch this new Second Opinion Stat! podcast featuring Alice Bast explaining celiac disease.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the notice about this show. I had not heard of it before and it sounds like one all the nurses in my family would enjoy, too. I am wondering if you know that Dr. Leffler is the co-author of a brand new book on celiac disease called Real Life with Celiac Disease: Troubleshooting and Thriving Gluten Free? If you would like to have a review copy, please let me know.
Thanks for your blog!

Anonymous said...

A couple of link fixes for the information above: Episode 413 is at:

Panelist Joseph Mercogliano's page is now:

Thanks for linking to Second Opinion

marylandceliac said...

Thanks for the updated links. They have been changed. The redesigned website looks great!