Aug 6, 2010

View Photos of Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Cake

Entertainment Tonight has several photos of Chelsea's enormous and elegant wedding cake.  The cake was indeed gluten-free, but it was not vegan!  That is very unfortunate considering that there are bakeries in New York, like Babycakes, that can make a yummy cake that is both gluten-free and vegan.  Is it a new wedding trend to match the cake to the dress?

"The sweet treat was reported to have sat four feet tall and was made with 360 organic eggs, 50 pounds of sugar, 45 pounds of gluten-free flour, 30 pounds of butter and bittersweet chocolate, and was decorated with about 1000 sugar flowers!"


Theresa said...

wow! 360 eggs?! I almost died looking at all of those ingredinets! Phew!
My opinion: it would have been prettier with real flowers.
My question: How on earth did they transport it?!

marylandceliac said...

According to one of the Access Hollywood videos, they transported the cake in separate pieces.

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