Jan 30, 2010

Book Review - The GF Kid: A Celiac Disease Survival Guide

This book was written in 2005. The GF Kid is for ages 8 and up and teenagers would like it too. The girl in the book is named Paris and she is 11-years-old. I am 8-years-old, and I could easily read almost all the words. I read it by myself and only had a few questions about the book because my mom has celiac disease and I know a lot about it. I would recommend that if you are 8-years-old and you only know a few things about celiac disease, then you should read it with a grown up.

The only thing that upset me was that the author made up a few words like “glutenfied” and “gluteny”. I was happy that there was a list of gluten-free companies with phone numbers and a list of candy. I also like that it had recipes in the back of the book to use as a cookbook and that it listed restaurants and stores.

I think this book would be really helpful for kids that are newly diagnosed and would help parents too. I especially like that it mentioned that celiac disease is an autoimmune disease, not an allergy, and that it is not contagious! This book had several details about cross-contamination. We got this book from our public library. Also read my other book review called Eating Gluten-Free with Emily.


iLiveinmyLab said...

What a fantastic review! Thanks for the great info about the book!

gfe--gluten free easily said...

Another great review! I wasn't familiar with this book, so I really appreciate hearing about it and finding out if you thought it was worthwhile. Don't be too hard on the made-up words though ;-) ... those of us with gluten issues tend to do that sometimes.

Thanks again!