Mar 25, 2009

Review: Simply Apple Juice

Simply Apple juice is actually more like apple cider than apple juice. It has a wonderful taste and is better than other brands of apple juice. It is available in two sizes – 59 oz and 13.5 oz. The only negative is that the apple juice does not contain vitamin C.

Here is the quote from the Simply Orange website, which is also used in the commercial.

“It isn't like the apple juice you've always known. It doesn't look like the
apple juice you've always known. Or taste like it. It tastes like biting into a
crisp, juicy, perfectly ripe apple.

Made from 100% pure pressed
apple juice, Simply Apple is never sweetened and never concentrated.”

Here is a quote from my daughter, who is in first grade.

“The Simply Apple juice is delicious and has a stronger taste than my juice
boxes. I like it better than the apple juice in my juice boxes.”

I also like the Simply Orange with Pineapple and the pulp free Simply Orange with calcium. I enjoy the Simply Lemonade, which is made with not-from-concentrate juices and natural ingredients. I am eager to try the new Simply Lemonade with Raspberry. There are six varieties of the orange juice, including one with mango, and also Simply Limeade and Simply Grapefruit. Here is a quote from my daughter about the Simply Lemonade:

“It is refreshing and has a strong lemon taste. I wish Mommy would buy it
more often.”

The company’s slogan is “Honestly Simple”. My honest opinion is that their products are simply the best tasting juices!


William said...

Simply Apple is delicious. What kind of apples do you think they use? I'm thinking red delicious.

marylandceliac said...

I am guessing they use a blend of several kinds of apples and something sweet like a granny smith.

Anonymous said...

What country does it come from?

Anonymous said...

The apples come from USA and Canada. You can see on the neck of the bottle which countries they come from. It'll say "USA" or "USA/Canada." The oranges will come from USA and/or Brazil. I actually called the company wondering about the origin of their fruit a few months ago when I first started buying their products.