Jan 1, 2009

Terrific Things - Kyle Dine CD (Gluten Free Blues song)

I just discovered this amazing CD for kids with allergies. It is called You Must be Nuts! by Kyle Dine. There is also an upbeat song included for kids with Celiac Disease called Gluten Free Blues (click this link to listen to the entire song). I like that he includes in the song lyrics that it is not an allergy.

The songs I listened to online made me smile. The songs are very catchy. You might also enjoy No Dairy Please! I imagine kids (and adults) will love the Epi-Man song. There are 14 tracks on the CD and it is the first CD about food allergies.

You can buy the CD released in 2007 at CD Baby, but it is temporarily out of stock. This Canadian musician also performs an interactive show in schools to raise allergy awareness. I love the purpose of his CD - "to educate and empower those dealing with food allergies".


jacobithegreat said...

i laughed so hard!

Anonymous said...

We are setting up for Kyle Dine to come to the Detroit area in May if anyone is interested! Thanks for introducing us to him through your blog!!!