Jan 3, 2009

Review - Kunzler Chicken Hot Dogs

All Kunzler hot dogs say gluten free on the package. There is an useful allergen chart on their webpage and their hot dogs are free of many allergens. According to the Kunzler website, their hot dogs are made “only from the finest cuts of fresh meats”. They have “no meat by-products or organs, no binder or fillers, nothing artificial, and all natural spices”. They are manufactured in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and sold throughout the United States.

I recently tried the Kunzler Chicken Franks. I was very impressed with the taste. The dominant taste is chicken. There is no salty or spicy taste. The package says to boil for 3-5 minutes. I recommend boiling only for 3 minutes. They became softer than I like when boiled for longer. From what I remember, the taste is similar to the Wellshire kids chicken hot dogs.

I like that this chicken hot dog is lower in fat and sodium than other hot dogs. While these are not organic hot dogs like Wellshire and Applegate Farms, I am happy about the statement of quality ingredients. I have not tried the other Kunzler hot dogs yet as this is the only variety I could find, but I still need to check more supermarkets. The price is fantastic - $1.99 at Giant for 10 hot dogs! Thanks to Kunzler, there is a new favorite hot dog in my home!

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