Sep 23, 2011

Frozen Gluten-Free Egg Rolls: No Longer a Dream

By the end of this year, you will be able to buy frozen gluten-free egg rolls made by Feel Good Foods. For years, I have been wishing for a gluten-free egg roll, so I am extremely excited to hear this news! 

Today @gfliving tweeted about the egg rolls at Expo East. I immediately called the company and learned that they will be available in three flavors: chicken, shrimp, and vegetable. They can be heated in a microwave or oven. 

Feel Good Foods also makes gluten-free Asian style dumplings, which are currently sold in many stores. The company said that soon Whole Foods may carry their products. Now, there truly is a gluten-free version of almost everything!


GlutenFreeAdrienne said...

I cannot wait to try them! Thanks for sharing. A good egg roll (gluten free or not) is hard to find!

sarahem321 said...

Tried them today at the Expo. Had the Chicken and vegetable. BOTH FABULOUS!

Anonymous said...

I've been gf for about a month now and this is such good news to me!!!

Anonymous said...

I eat the egg rolls at least once a week I love them but I use them with a peach apricot sauce. They also have pork, chicken veggie dumplings. Really like them I really like the dough yum