May 23, 2011

Book Review: What’s Eating Your Child?

If you are searching for the cause of your child’s health or behavioral problems, the answer may be a food intolerance or dietary supplement. In the new book, What’s Eating Your Child? The Hidden Connections Between Food and Childhood Ailments, Kelly Dorfman, a leading children’s nutritionist, shares practical solutions based on fascinating stories from her clients. Common food intolerances are discussed, including gluten, dairy, and sugar, as well as dietary supplements, such as zinc, probiotics, and fish oil. 

Dorfman explains the difference between celiac disease and gluten intolerance, however, some of the information needs clarification, especially about celiac testing and oats. She recommends two gluten-free breads, Deland’s millet bread and Udi’s. Since I never heard of Deland’s, I called the bakery to inquire about the bread, and discovered that it is not gluten-free because of significant cross-contamination.  

Dorfman offers a surprisingly simple plan for picky eaters. She also includes a chapter on Sensory Processing Disorder. Nutritional disorders may be the cause of a variety of ailments, from anxiety and ADHD to ear infections. In some cases, her clients were able to stop taking prescription medications after following her recommendations.  After reading the book, you will learn how to be a nutrition detective.  

I received a complimentary copy of the book to review. Although it turns out that we live less than 10 minutes from Kelly Dorfman’s office, we have never spoken to her. I certainly learned some things that we may try, and I do recommend this interesting book. Purchase it on Amazon or look for it at your local book store. If you are interested in learning more, attend one of her upcoming book signings throughout the country and read her blog. Should my daughter need a nutritionist, we would definitely go to Kelly Dorfman.

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