Mar 26, 2011

New SimpleNutrition Tags at Safeway

Locating gluten-free products at Safeway is now even easier with the introduction of SimpleNutrition. Green shelf tags, with two nutrition and ingredient benefits listed in different colors, can be found throughout the store. The color of the gluten-free tag is orange brown. Only products that have been identified as gluten-free by the manufacturer can receive the gluten-free tag.

"The 22 benefits included in the program encompass two groups of messages: those that meet lifestyle or dietary needs, and those that meet specific nutrition or ingredient criteria:

• 4 benefit messages for lifestyle/dietary needs: Gluten Free, Organic, Natural, and also Calorie Smart

• 18 benefits with specific nutrition criteria: Made with Whole Grains, Good Source of Fiber, Fat Free, Sodium Smart, Low Saturated Fat, Low Fat, Sugar Free, Good Source of Calcium, Good Source of Vitamin A, Good Source of Vitamin C, Good Source of Iron, 0g Trans Fat, 100% Juice, Low Cholesterol, Good Source of Antioxidants, Good Source of Potassium, Good Source of Folate, Lean Protein"
"Although a product may have more than one or two key nutrients or ingredient benefits, the green SimpleNutrition tag displays the benefits that are most relevant for that particular product."

Safeway sent me gift cards as a thank you for writing about SimpleNutrition. I found many gluten-free tags throughout the store, but there are also many gluten-free products that aren’t labeled. The tags would be especially useful to someone new to eating gluten-free. The number of gluten-free products at Safeway has also increased recently. From French Meadow Bakery to Waterfront Bistro Panko Breaded Butterfly Shrimp, there are many gluten-free options.

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GFyvr said...

Too bad this program has not come to Vancouver, BC yet - however Safeway has been labelling GF foods with blue labels for a year or two already which is following the lead and colour that is used by a local grocery chain - Choices Markets who started a blue GF labelling program about 10 years ago. When we got Whole Foods they started the same labelling colours also. Safeway has been the last chain to start labelling GF products and they really do not have a GF selection in many of their stores. They actually removed their Natural Foods sections from the stores about 5 years ago and now only 2 stores in Vancouver are designated to carry a selection of GF products. I look forward to this program coming here!