Oct 15, 2010

Top 10 Gluten-Free Blogs for News

There is so much gluten-free and celiac disease news each week that it is hard for any one blogger to keep up with it all. While I hope you will continue to rely on the Gluten-Free Optimist for gluten-free news as well as my tweets, these blogs do a fantastic job of covering news, including information about new products.

1. The Savvy Celiac

2. Celiac-Disease.com

3. Gluten-Free Living blog

4. About.com Celiac Disease

5. Celiac Princess

6. Gluten-Free Is Life

7. Gluten-Free Works

8. Gluten-Free Fun

9. Sure Foods Living

10.  Gluten-Free Philly

With hundreds of gluten-free blogs, I am sure there are some blogs that I missed that do a great job blogging about news. Thanks to the above blogs, gluten-free Examiners, and the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness for keeping us informed of the latest gluten-free news.


John Forberger said...

Cool sites on here, definitely all helpful. Hope someday I can show up in this informative list :)

GF Triathlete

Anonymous said...

Great list. I have to say Amy's Savvy Celiac is the one I get my news from and Kim at Gluten-Free is Life is always trying and reviewing new products and local restaurants. I also like Alison's perspective at Sure Foods Living and she just did a post on wheat and history that was that was groundbreaking. The only one I would add is Shirley's Gluten-Free Easily for the best news and weekly reviews of what's up in the GF blogging community.

Erin S. said...

Thanks for the mention. I am honored to be a part of this list!

Erin S.
Gluten-Free Fun

marylandceliac said...

Wendy - Yes, Shirley also does a great job blogging about news. I knew there were some I was missing.
Thanks for the comment! Visit Shirley's blog at http://glutenfreeeasily.com/

Tiffany Janes said...

Wow! I am extremely honored that the website I write for is included in your list. I agree that there is not one site that actually covers every single thing that is happening in the gluten-free world these days. I think there could literally be a gluten-free division of CNN and they'd have a hard time keeping up with it all. Thank you so much for the mention on this wonderful list!

Tiffany Janes

Carla said...

I love your gluten-free food reviews! It is a great resource to tap when I need a product for a gluten-free giveaway! Keep up the great work!

Jim Ford said...

There is a difference between gluten intolerance and celiac disease- celiac is a subset of intolerance and not the only place in the body that gluten causes harm.
My son had episodes of severe psychosis which have turned out to be caused by gluten. He’s been hospitalized for extended periods twice and unfortunately under the care of psychiatrists who have assumed he needed lots of meds. Unfortunately, the meds led to profound catatonia. I had seen him reacting severely to gluten but could not get through to the psychiatrists. They thought I was crazy and completely disregarded my accurate observations and became hostile toward me when I continued to insist that he did not have bipolar or schizophrenia, his brain was under attack (obvious to me but they only know what they’ve been taught and were the most closed-minded and arrogant providers I’ve ever encountered- my only motivation was helping my son- I knew what I saw and didn’t appreciate being humiliated) . Took a consultation with a brilliant neurologist to prove I was right and the gluten-free diet saved him from a life of subsisting under neuroleptics and probably institutionalization (he reacted very poorly to every drug they tried- always made him worse but they never stopped trying until he was catatonic- incontinent, unaware of his surroundings, unable to communicate and no instinct to eat or drink. Took extensive ECT to bring him back).
Turns out there have been tons of peer-reviewed studies on the neurological effects of gluten and this neurologist was aware of them. Go to Pubmed and do a search on gluten, gliadin (the subfraction of gluten that causes the problems) and neurological and you will find countless studies. When gluten causes damage in the gut it’s called celiac disease, in the skin it’s dermatitis herpetiformis. There is not a name for when it causes neurological or psychiatric damage yet, but will be some day (as in gluten-induced ataxia, schizophrenia, etc).
Also, there are many promising treatments that will soon eliminate the need for a gluten-free diet. There is a drug in human clinical trials right now that treats celiac and (probably many other autoimmune diseases) by stopping gluten from entering the bloodstream and initiating the exaggerated immune response. Check out Alba therapuetics, Dr Alessio Fasano (good info on this at celiac.com).

Gluten Free Glamour Girl said...

Great resources, thank you!