May 12, 2010

A New Gluten-Free Support Group for Teens

Teen Advocates with Gluten Sensitivities (TAGS) is a new support group, which is part of the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG). The president of the group is 16-year-old Mari Cleven, who was diagnosed with celiac disease last year. She lives in Kitsap County in Washington and is looking to connect with other gluten-free teens, both locally and nationally. Here is more information about TAGS.

"Our Mission:
Gluten Sensitive Teens advocating for support and awareness for themselves and others.

Our Goals:
1. Provide teen support through the internet
2. Provide a model for local support groups, event planning and Gluten Free Awareness activities
3. Tags helps to fulfill GIG's mission on a local and national level through programs tailored towards teens.

Our Local Goals:
1. Provide a social outlet for teens dealing with gluten sensitivities
2. Provide safe gluten free activities for gluten sensitive teens.
3. Provide positive support for teens to advocate for themselves.
4. Share stories

Support TAGS by buying a cool glow in the dark teen awareness bracelet for $2 from GIG. If you are interested in joining TAGS, complete this contact form. Share this article with others and help what may become the "teen version of ROCK" grow!

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