Mar 2, 2010

My Fundraising Article in Gluten-Free Living Magazine

This issue of Gluten-Free Living magazine has two articles that I wrote. You can find my articles in the features section called "Widespread GF giving," which begins on page 38. I wrote a long and inspiring article that is four pages called "10 ways to raise money for celiac research" and a one page article called "First GF food bank opens."

Learn about an easy gluten-free fundraising alternative to selling Girl Scout cookies, an innovative way a celiac support group raises money instead of charging dues, and many things that YOU can do to raise money for celiac research! I really enjoyed writing this article and interviewing so many people by email. The issue has a fantastic eye-catching cover with lipstick tubes, and the table of contents can be viewed on the Gluten-Free Living website. You can still subscribe to Gluten-Free Living and receive this terrific issue in your mailbox soon.

Update June 2010:  I am now writing New for You in every issue of Gluten-Free Living.

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Looking forward to reading the article. GIVEAWAY