Dec 7, 2009

More Gluten-Free Labels on Store Brand Pharmaceutical Products

Many store brand over-the-counter pharmaceutical products are manufactured by Perrigo. According to a press release, in January 2010, Perrigo will begin labeling over 200 gluten-free over-the-counter pharmaceutical products. Their dietary supplements are already labeled gluten-free. Perrigo is assuring that the products contain less than 20 ppm of gluten. The most interesting statement in Perrigo’s press release is below.

“Perrigo initiated the labeling program specifically in response to an increasing market demand for gluten-free products. Questions from consumers regarding the gluten content of Perrigo-manufactured products have recently ranked among the company's top call center inquiries.”

Store brands are considerably cheaper than brand name products, so this is great news from the world’s largest manufacturer of store brand OTC products!

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