Oct 21, 2009

Graduate Students Win Prize for Developing Gluten-Free Flavored Waffle Cones

The challenge was to use at least one major cereal ingredient to develop an original food product. Gluten-free waffle cones were developed in four fun flavors: vanilla, chocolate, cinnamon, and strawberry by two Kansas State University graduate students. It is very likely that the new gluten-free Chex varieties were used. The students won first prize in the competition as explained in this press release.

K-State's Angela Dodd, a master's student in food science, Carrington, N.D., and Melissa Daniel, doctoral student in animal sciences, Cypress Inn, Tenn., took first place at the recent International American Association of Cereal Chemists' Product Development Competition. The K-State duo earned a cash prize of $2,550 for their creation of the Gluten-free Fun Flavored Waffle Cone.

It is the second year in a row that a K-State student team has won the competition. This year's event was Sept. 13-16 in Baltimore, Md

The students are hoping to sell their products in a gluten-free specialty store.

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