Jun 6, 2009

A Special Update: My Daughter’s Letter to President Obama

The new summer issue of Gluten-Free Living magazine has an article about my daughter’s letter to President Obama. We were so happy to see her picture on page 10 and read the great article. It has been so exciting for my daughter to have her letter published in a book, appear in two local newspapers, and now a national magazine. So, how did she end up in Gluten-Free Living?

Amy Ratner, the associate editor of Gluten-Free Living, follows my blog and read my post, Celiac Disease Mentioned in Kids' Letters to President Obama. She emailed me and wanted to do a story about it. Amy interviewed my daughter by email. Of course, she could not include all the information from the interview, so I thought I would share with you some of the questions and answers that don’t appear in the magazine. I encourage you to buy the summer issue. It is full of great useful information, and I especially enjoyed the review of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s book.

What gluten-free food do you think President Obama would like if he tried it?
-Shabtai Gourmet brownie bites

How does it feel to have a book with your name in it?
-I feel very special and proud to be in a real chapter book! When I found out I was going to be in the book, I was so happy and excited.

Where do you keep your copy of the book?
-I keep it in my room with my other books and my Mom is keeping one in a special place.

What did you friends at school and your teacher think of you having your letter in the book?
-I read my letter and some of the other letters in the book to my class, the principal, and the librarian. Everyone loved it and said congratulations.

Thank you Amy for doing this special article!

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