Mar 6, 2010

WOW Cookies and Brownies: Review and Free Cookie Promotion

WOW cookies and brownies are certified gluten-free and made with all natural ingredients. After hearing so many good things about WOW products, I emailed the company to see if they wanted to send me free samples to review. They sent me samples of all of their individually wrapped cookies and brownies.

The gourmet cookies and brownies are very moist and not crumbly. Each thick large cookie and brownie contains two servings, and one serving is very filling. My daughter and I enjoyed sharing these products, which taste homemade. All flavors were great, except for the Ginger Molasses, which I didn’t like. My daughter’s favorite was the Chocolate Brownie and then the Peanut Butter cookie. Here is my ranking of the products I liked.

1. Oregon Oatmeal – It contains apricots and cranberries, but tastes simply like a fantastic oatmeal raisin cookie.
2. Snickerdoodle – A perfect version of a classic cookie.
3. Peanut Butter – A strong peanut butter taste and very sweet. This was the first cookie we tried, and I said to my daughter, "WOW, that is sweet!"
4. Chocolate Brownie – It contains large chocolate chips and is not too rich.
5. Chocolate Chip – Also contains many large chocolate chips and tastes good, but the texture wasn’t as good as the other cookies.

"Because WOW Cookies are made from all natural ingredients without the use of preservatives we recommend eating them within 2 weeks of their arrival, if left out at room temperature. To save some for later simply place them in the freezer; their high freezer grade packaging will protect them from freezer burn for up to 6 months. To thaw leave on the counter for 30 min."

You can receive a free WOW cookie in the flavor of your choice by completing a brief form on the WOW Baking website. The cookies and brownies can be purchased online in a 6-pack for $9 or a 12-pack for $17. Tubs and boxes of mini cookies are available as well as cake mixes. WOW also makes gluten-free cookie dough. WOW is not sold in stores in the DC area, but is available at many retail locations throughout the country.


Gluten FREE foods ROCK said...

We had WOW cookies recently at our GF event. They are good. GIVEAWAY

Tim Riley said...

I have a dear friend who suffers from celiac and other issues. I have forwarded your blog to her. I'm sure she will appreciate the information.

marylandceliac said...

Tim - Thanks for sharing my blog with your friend. Please let her know I am happy to answer any questions she has. Good luck with your new blog!

Mike said...

Totally agree--these are some of the best cookies ever. They really did make us say "wow" when we tried them.