Mar 27, 2010

Review: Chobani Champions

Chobani Champions is a line of Greek yogurt for kids that is sold in a package of four, which contains two flavors. I purchased the Chocolate and Honeynana. There is also a Veryberry and Strawnana pack. I am big fan of Chobani Greek yogurt, so I was eager to try the Chobani Champions. All Chobani is certified gluten-free.

The cups are smaller than a regular Chobani cup – only 4 ounces. Each small cup contains 9 grams of protein. For kids who find the texture of regular Chobani too thick, the Champions line would be perfect. Not only is the yogurt thinner, but it is also creamier.

The Chocolate Chobani isn’t rich and there is a bit of a tangy taste. Kids would probably want a stronger chocolate taste. I don’t normally eat chocolate yogurt, but I would eat it again.

The Honeynana is fantastic and is now my favorite Chobani flavor! I quickly finished the small cup and scraped every last bit of yogurt out of it. I felt like Heidi Klum in the Dannon Light & Fit yogurt commercial!

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