Mar 13, 2010

Kate Gosselin Introduces Award Winner for Celiac Disease Awareness

Today at the Women’s Expo in Indiana sponsored by the Memorial Hospital of South Bend, guest speaker Kate Gosselin introduced Memorial’s three Spirit of Women award winners. Now, when an article about a celebrity shows up on a Google alert about celiac disease, it certainly interests me, even if it is only about a small event. The event had feminist protesters, thus increasing the media coverage.

Elayne Swafford, 11, won the Young Person Role Model award for her efforts to raise more than $1,800 for the American Heart Association's Healthy Heart campaign.

Judith Rubleske was designated the ‘Community Hero’ for her initiation of the Earth Friendly Eating Event and a unity garden.

And Jeannie Derrow, a registered nurse, was awarded for her efforts to raise awareness of celiac disease and the start up of a support network for those who suffer from it

You can read more about the award winners on the Memorial Hospital website.

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