Mar 15, 2010

New Mystery Product from Enjoy Life Foods

On June 1, the new mystery product from Enjoy Life Foods will be on shelves. The company is keeping the product top secret, but has dropped some hints on their Facebook page. Here are the four hints.

1. “Crunchtime” is currently the name for the mystery product.
2. “But we can share with you that the new product is a great tasting, healthy alternative, uniquely developed, explosively flavorful, and it takes Enjoy Life into a totally new food category for the company.”
3. Enjoy Life posted a photo of the mysterious silver bags on their Facebook page.
4. In the Facebook comments, they said it is for humans. There were guesses that it was dog food.

At first, based on the hints above, I was thinking it would be some kind of baked chip, cracker, or pretzel. However, Enjoy Life already makes several foods that are snacks, so that doesn’t fit the criteria for “a totally new food category”. Any guesses? My guess is individual packages of croutons, which would certainly be handy for eating out.

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