Mar 26, 2010

A Money Saving Tip

A great perk of contacting companies by phone or on the Web to inquire about products is the coupons they often mail. Earlier this week I signed up for the Lundberg mailing list. Yesterday, I received three $1 Lundberg coupons in the mail (thanks Mom for the tip).

Here are some other companies I remember receiving coupons from: Colgate-Palmolive, Citracal (Bayer), Caesar’s pasta, Amy’s Kitchen, and Edy’s. Both Colgate and Bayer sent many good coupons for their various products. Caesar’s sent many $0.25 coupons, but now that Giant is selling their products, the coupons can be doubled. Please share the companies that sent you coupons to help us all save money!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Good tip. We love the Lundberg risotto and I just bought some of their gf couscous to try. A few coupons would be nice.