Aug 17, 2010

New Gluten-Free Mini Dessert at P.F. Chang’s

When I ordered the irresistible gluten-free Chocolate Dome at P.F. Chang’s tonight, the waiter informed me that they now have another gluten-free dessert. It is a mini Triple Chocolate Mousse served in a shotglass and the bottom layer is a flourless cake. The price is only $2.00. I didn’t try it, but it looked delicious.

I spoke with the manager for more details and to confirm that it is gluten-free. She said it took them many tries to perfect this dessert, and they wanted to add another gluten-free dessert for a long time. She said it may not be available nationwide yet. The best part is that now people who order P.F. Chang’s For Two, a four-course menu which has some gluten-free items, can have a gluten-free dessert, since it includes two mini desserts.

Looking to reduce your sodium intake at P.F. Chang’s? I recently began requesting that they cook my Moo Goo Gai Pan in less sauce than usual because I want reduced sodium. The result is still an awesome taste, but very little sauce, and I no longer find myself thirsty all evening after eating it!

Don’t forget to register for a Warrior card to save 10% each time you go to P.F. Chang’s. View the gluten-free menu here.

Update: August 26, 2010 - I tried the new gluten-free mini dessert.  Yes, I ate at P.F. Chang's two weeks in a row after not going all summer.  Shockingly, before my daughter and I ordered, the waiter correctly recited our orders from last week.  That is an impressive memory!

The top layer is like the Chocolate Dome, the middle is mousse, and the bottom is a thin cake.  The top two layers are great, but the bottom layer wasn't as good.  With the small spoon provided, it took several bites to finish and it was satisfying. However, I prefer the Chocolate Dome.

A note of caution: P.F. Chang's has two mini chocolate desserts that look very similar on the top, but only one is gluten-free. The Great Wall cake mini dessert is not gluten-free and it has chocolate chips on top. The gluten-free mini has chocolate shavings on top, but not chocolate chips.


Anonymous said...

That's great news and great advice. I'll have to check on our Columbus, Ohio locations. I didn't see it when we were there for our back-to-school shopping and P.F. Chang's treat last week.

Belle said...

I really enjoy PF Chang's GF menu. So fun now to go to dinner there and not to have to worry plus with the 10% off... what a deal!

about us said...

this was an extra helpful review. chatting to PF Chang's CEO in twitter right now. check my blog sometime