Aug 16, 2010

Dr. Vikki Petersen Responds to the Today Show Gluten-Free Segment

A recent segment on the Today Show called, “Gluten-free: Diet fad or healthy option?” stirred up a lot of emotions in the gluten-free community. You can watch the segment here, but the better and more informative video to watch is this one from Dr. Vikki. Does a gluten-free diet cause weight loss or weight gain? Dr. Vikki has the answer.


Theresa said...

ooh, that article on the today show made me so angry! Has it not occurred to them that more people are going G-free because they are now aware that it could be causing that mystery health problem they have been suffering through? It's not a fad.
But thinking about Dr. Vikki's video though, I actually lost weight when I went G-free because I was eating smaller portions, less carbs and more veggies. However, when I started making cakes and relaxing in my diet a bit more, I gained all that weight back. Weird.
Thanks so much for posting those videos/links! :)

opramum said...

My doctor, who diagnosed my gluten intolerance, was also the physician for the local ballet company. She told me that when one of the dancers needed to lose a few pounds, she encouraged them to cut out all white sugar and white flour. It wasn't a gluten thing, it was an empty calorie thing, and I wonder if those jumping on a trendy bandwagon are really eating fewer "bread type" items under the guise of gluten free. Replacing the empty calories with what we should be eating, "clean, whole foods that rot," whether gluten free or not will help maintain a healthy weight. I'm still working on it.