Jun 17, 2010

Vote for Gluten-Free Girl to Have Her Own Show on Oprah's New Network

Oprah is accepting auditions online for a chance to have Your OWN Show on Oprah's new network. On Twitter, I saw a few gluten-free auditions this week, but this audition from Shauna Ahern aka Gluten-Free Girl is the one that I hope the gluten-free community will unite behind.

Watch the audition video and vote now for Shauna! Ask everyone you know to do the same! The angle of her show, joyous cooking and naturally gluten-free, will appeal to many outside of the gluten-free community. Shauna needs your votes since only the five auditions with the highest votes will become finalists. Voting ends on July 3, 2010, and "you can vote as often as you like."

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