Oct 27, 2009

Archie Cartoonist Writes Celiac Disease Comic Book

Joe Staton, the cartoonist behind Scooby-Do, Batman, Archie, and Green Latern, wrote a children’s comic book about celiac disease. He collaborated with his wife, Hilarie Staton, to write Amy Goes Gluten-Free at the request of Children’s Hospital Boston. They previously wrote a successful medical comic about crohn’s disease and colitis for Children’s Hospital Boston. This news video explains more about the comic book and the activities in it.

The comic book is not yet available for purchase. According to a phone representative at the celiac disease center at Children’s Hospital Boston, it will be added to their website in the next few weeks. She has seen proofs of the book, but does not have the final copy yet. She believes it will be inexpensive, less than $10.

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