Mar 6, 2009

DC Gluten Free Examiner

I am happy to announce that I am the new DC Gluten Free Examiner. I will be doing approximately 3 articles each week. I just published my first article, “Celiac disease: Have you been tested?”. My two weekly features will be:

Online resources: best gluten free sites from across the country
DC spotlight: gluten free resources in DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia

Here are the links to the other two gluten free examiners.
Orlando Gluten Free Examiner
LA Gluten Free Examiner

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If you are interested in being an Examiner, checkout the opportunities here. You can also apply as I did for a position that is not listed. Examiners should write 3-4 articles each week to stay active and include photos with all articles. Please include my name from my Examiner page and this code -5121 on your application.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Congratulations! That's great news. And so nice to see your photo! I subscribed, so I'll get the alerts about your articles. Can't wait to read them. Good for you!

I enjoyed Roots' gluten-free tastings today. I came home with:
Ian's Mac n' No Cheese (dairy free, too)

Conte's Potato Pierogi's (delicious!)

Bell & Evan's Chicken Tenders (didn't taste these. I'm SO missing McDonald's chicken snack wraps, so I'm trying to duplicate them. I didn't like Ian's chicken tenders so I'll try this brand)

Schar's spaghetti (I'm still trying to find a pasta that I REALLY like. This is the third brand I'm trying)

Hope you're having a great weekend!


marylandceliac said...

Thanks Meredith! I love the Bell and Evans chicken tenders - they are way better than Ians! My favorite pasta is Cornito (see my review), which isn't sold in stores. I also like Orgran Italian style and Quinoa Ancient Harvest. I always hear positive reviews about Tinkyada. Let me know what you think of the schar pasta. I have heard good things about the Schar breads and rolls.

Anonymous said...

I did try the Schar's pasta 2 nights ago. I REALLY liked it. I thought the texture was just like regular pasta. And it tasted good, too. I might still try the Cornito.

Haven't tried the chicken tenders yet. Might do that tonight, I'm just too pooped right now to get myself up from this computer and make myself some dinner! But I'm glad to hear that you like them!

Have a great weekend!


abetterjulie said...

I will also sign up for your articles. I think since I am in Hagerstown, Md there is not really a point in my doing the same thing. You should have it covered!
An article that I would like to see would cover buying clubs and cooperatives to cut costs.
Congratulations! I look forward to reading your stuff!