Dec 12, 2008

My favorite gluten free foods

Foods by George English Muffins - plain
-I love them with Jif peanut butter, Philadelphia cream cheese, and as a crust for pizza. These are better than gluten English muffins!

Bell and Evans black box chicken tenders
-With some added Prego traditional tomato sauce and Kraft Italian blend mozzarella and parmesan shredded cheese, it is amazing how these taste just like the chicken parmesan I remember eating at a pizza place before being gluten free. Flip tenders after 14 minutes, add sauce and cheese and cook for another 9 minutes. Quick, easy, and delicious!

Dove chocolate
-I love the caramel filled promises and the positive message inside each wrapper is an added bonus. What a yummy replacement for gluten fortune cookies!

Hormel pepperoni

Kozy Shack pudding
- European rice is my favorite

Utz potato chips

Wellshire Farms Beef Hot Dogs
-Wrap in a mission corn tortilla wrap and add a slice of cheese. The steam from the hot dog with melt the cheese. Yum!

Nestle hot chocolate
-The label is funny - 99.9% caffeine free, 100% gluten free

Envirokidz peanut choco drizzle bars

Rice Chex
-It is so great that these are now gluten free!

Van's blueberry waffles
-You know they are really good when take a bite and run back to the freezer to make sure you bought the gluten free box!

Update - Jan. 28, 2009 - More Favorite Foods:
Cornito Noodles (see my January review)

Blue Diamond Nut Thins

Enjoy Life Cocoa Loco bars

Kunzler Chicken Hot Dogs (see my January 2009 review)

ANDI bars (see my January 2009 review)

update- October 15, 2009
McCormick taco seasoning

Old El Paso taco shells

Chobani Greek yogurt

Nature's Path Crispy Rice and Whole O's cereal

Kinnikinnick bagels and white sandwich bread

FruitaBu Fruit Flats and Rolls (see my October 2009 review)

Corn Chex

Jif peanut butter

Prego traditional sauce

Annie Chun's brown rice bowls

Julie's gluten free ice cream sandwiches (see my June 2009 review)

Shabtai Gourmet brownie bites

Silk soy milk - light vanilla

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