Dec 13, 2008

Chicago Tribune investigation finds high amounts of gluten in "gluten free" Wellshire Farms chicken bites & corn dogs - Do not eat them!

I had the corn dogs in my freezer and ate them recently. Fortunately, I didn't get glutened. I saw the corn dogs still in the freezer at Whole Foods - DO NOT BUY - production was halted in June, but they did not issue a recall! I found this astonishing! Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for helping to keep consumers with Celiac Disease and allergies safe and informed! I am so glad I stumbled across this article. At the end of the article, they listed the actual gluten ppm it contained. If you still have your receipt, you can return them to Whole Foods. Otherwise, please throw them away and do not risk eating them.

Chicago Tribune article - "An alarming number of products sold as allergen-free actually contain harmful amounts, the Tribune found". They found "50: Percent of allergen recalls involving undisclosed milk or eggs." Use this link to read the full article.,0,506031.story

A database created by the Chicago Tribune to search allergen related food recalls from the last ten years:,0,7219804.htmlpage
Note: The database does not include gluten, only wheat. It appears that new recalls are not in the database. Remember, the Wellshire Farms chicken bites and corn dogs were not officially recalled, but clearly should have been.

To check for new and old food and drug recalls:
You can also signup to have recalls emailed to you.

To check for recalled meat, poultry, and eggs - USDA:

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