Dec 26, 2008

A gluten free story written by my 7 year old daughter

When Mommy found out that she had Celiac Disease, I was 5 years old and worried that I would not like trying gluten free foods. I do not have Celiac Disease, but I do like to eat some gluten free foods, but not all the gluten free foods. I love trying gluten free foods with Mommy. First, we tried some foods that were bad. Then, foods that were okay. Finally, we found foods that were great.

Sometimes, it is hard to find gluten free foods. At some stores, they put gluten free foods on the same shelf with gluten foods. It is like an adventure going to stores and hunting for gluten free tags. Mommy and I get really excited when we see a new gluten free product.

Mommy still misses eating gluten foods, but not as much as she used to. I won’t be worried if I get Celiac Disease because I know many gluten free foods are yummy and there will be even more gluten free foods when I grow up. It was so cool watching Emeril Green and seeing him shop at Whole Foods like we do and cook gluten free foods.

My two favorite gluten free foods are turkey meat sauce with gluten free pasta and chicken parmesan. I absolutely love them! I drew a picture of myself eating chicken parmesan. Here are some other gluten free foods that I like: hot dogs, peanut butter on George English Muffins, Gorilla Munch cereal, blueberry muffins and waffles, Utz potato chips, Glutino pretzels, turkey and cheese wraps, Yoplait yogurt (key lime and peach are my favorite flavors), and scrambled eggs. Sometimes I get jealous of gluten free foods that Mommy is eating. I like eating gluten free foods. I am glad that eating completely gluten free made Mommy feel better!


patrinag128 said...

The story is wonderful. It shows other people what it is like to have to only eat gluten free foods.
Mommy has learned a lot, and she has taught you all of it.
Now you are sharing with others and teaching them about being in a family with someone gluten free.

Keep writing stories and making up songs.
You are the best grand-daughter ever.
Love, Nana

Anonymous said...

You wrote a very interesting story about living on a gluten free diet. Sharing your feelings and what you have learned will help others understand that there are really a lot of choices when someone in their home has celiac disease. There’s so much to find out about the different kinds of foods available and you’ve done a great job describing what you like to eat with Mommy. I really liked the picture you drew showing you enjoying a gluten free meal. Also thanks for telling us about Emeril Green. It would be fun to watch him shop for and cook gluten free meals.

We are so proud of the way you wrote this important story and we will look forward to learning more things on this helpful website.

Grandma (and Grandpa too)

Ron Robins said...

A great story from obviously a great child. It's wonderful to see the perspective on this disease and how it is handled from the point-of-view of a caring, thoughtful and brilliant child.

Keep up this terrific writing!

From your far-away 'uncle' in Canada. Ron

Ron Robins said...

This is a great and timely blog. Good graphics and important content!

Best wishes for the success of your blog and for 2009!


Aunt Jayne said...

What wonderful reviews! A very articulate 9 year old.
You are headed for greatness kiddo!

Aunt Jayne said...

Sorry! First comment I sent was for the 9 yr old!
The 7 year old has a wonderful grasp of what Celiac is and how living gluten free helps.
And she is cute to boot!