Jan 2, 2011

2011: Gluten-Free In and Out List

What’s hot in gluten-free in 2011 and what's not? Take a look at this list I created. What do you think? I welcome all comments - disagree, agree, or add your own! Happy New Year!

Out                       In

Bunless Burgers....Flavorful Cuisine

GF Desserts....GF Appetizers (eggrolls, please)


Rice Flour....Healthier GF Grains

Nuking/Toasting Bread....Udi’s

Processed GF Food....Naturally GF

Digestive Celiac Symptoms....300 Celiac Symptoms

Biopsies....Blood Tests

Confusing Labels....Certified Gluten-Free

Yahoo Groups....Twitter

Salad....Gourmet Vegan Food

Paying Full Price....Promotions, Sales, and Coupons

Outback (except Roswell, GA)....The Melting Pot


Menu Disclaimers....GREAT Kitchens (NFCA Training)

Shared Fryers....Dedicated GF Fryers

Sugar....Natural Sweeteners

Pizza....Chinese Food


Johnna said...

Gluten-Free Desserts will never be out, at least not in my world. Why would I want to go without dessert? I vote for gluten-free dessert AND appetizers. How about "limited g-free options" (i.e. dessert only) being out, "full menu options" being in?

GF Gidget said...

Out: Bread with a sunken middle
In: Bread Machines w/ a GF Setting!

Anonymous said...

It's been quite a year for those with celiac disease and the gluten intolerant. I agree with all of your picks!

Gluten Free Food said...


Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

Gluten Free Food

gfcfmom said...

I made eggrolls last night. I feel so in. Check out my won-ton recipe on my blog...
gluten free won-ton and egg roll dough recipe

Anonymous said...

Agree with you! Someone online was saying good things about Ener-G bread and I beg to differ. Udi's is amazing! I have tried all of their products and they are a little piece of heaven!

Quinoa Nutrition Facts said...

Hmm.. I'm not sure about GF desserts being out. They're yummy and healthy, so I think gluten free desserts will be in all the time. Great list though. Thank you for sharing! :)