Feb 24, 2009

TwitterMoms - Celiac Disease Awareness Group

TwitterMoms is a wonderful social network of almost 9,000 moms. There is an article about it in this month's Redbook. I recently joined, and I am impressed with the many groups (over 225), discussions, and blog posts. I am confident you will find groups that interest you or you can start your own group. Click here to browse the groups. I joined more than 10 groups. You can customize and add more applications to your page than you can on Twitter. There are detailed profiles of each person’s interests, which can easily be searched to connect with others. Here are two sample pages to view: Megan Calhoun, founder of TwitterMoms, and my Maryland Celiac page.

I just started the second gluten free group on TwitterMoms. My group is called “Celiac Disease Awareness”. The other gluten free group is “Mom Cooks Gluten Free”, lead by Karen Fine. She is the author of the children’s book “How I Eat Without Wheat” and has started the "Gluten Free Foundation". There are gluten free people on TwitterMoms, but not nearly as many as twitter or facebook. I hope that will soon change. Amy Leger from the Savy Celiac is also on TwitterMoms.

I encourage you to join TwitterMoms and this group. If you are not a mom, you can still view all the discussions and comments in the group, but not post. I would be happy to post any information you would like, especially links about awareness articles and events. Just let me know by posting a comment here or sending me a tweet. Please read the awareness ideas in the group discussion, so that you can do your part in increasing Celiac Disease awareness. I hope that the discussion “awareness articles and events” will become a useful listing of many celiac events, including walks and other fundraisers. A complete list of celiac walks in different locations can be found at Making Tracks for Celiacs. Please help make this TwitterMoms group an awareness resource for the entire celiac community! If you would like to display the group widget, you can find it on my blog, currently at the top left.

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