Feb 18, 2009

Review - Foods by George Plain English Muffins

First, let me start by saying Foods by George Plain English Muffins are my favorite gluten free food. Second, these are not like traditional gluten English Muffins. They are thick and fluffy! Third, these are mainly sold in stores East of the Mississippi River, but can be found in some stores in the Dakotas. They can be shipped to the West Coast, however since they are shipped frozen in a cooler, they must arrive in two days.

The English Muffins are free of lactose, casein, dairy, corn, and soy. One muffin is only 210 calories and 3.5 grams of fat. They are made in a dedicated gluten free facility. George makes other wonderful products. I like the blueberry muffins and brownies.

These English Muffins are a true staple food for me. I eat one almost every day: with cream cheese for breakfast, with peanut butter for lunch, or to make pizza for dinner. Since they are thick, I don't use them for sandwiches, but you could. They cost $5.49 at Whole Foods, and there are four in the package. I defrost them first in the microwave for three minutes, slice, then heat on high for 40 seconds, and then toast or bake in the oven. Even if I by some miracle I could eat gluten again, I would still eat these!

I also like the cinnamon currant flavor, which is great with cream cheese. The Whole Foods I shop at only carries the plain ones. My daughter loves both flavors too, but I only sometimes let her eat them - I guess I'm not good at sharing my favorite food with others who can eat gluten!

If you need more convincing about how good these are, checkout this quote. I just discovered it this morning thanks to a blog article from Nancy Lapid. It is from an interview with Silvana Narvone, the editor of the Every Day with Rachel Ray magazine, who is talking about cooking gluten, dairy, soy, and peanut free for her son Isaiah.
"We’ve tasted many breads on the market with not much success. The only
bread Isaiah will eat is Food by George’s English Muffins for sandwiches and the
Cinnamon Currant English Muffins for French toast. I’ve been trying to crack the
code on bread for some time now. I’m getting closer!"


Anonymous said...

I pick the plain ones up when I've been lazy and haven't baked my own bread, or it's too hot to bake in the summer. I find these are rather thick for my tastes, so I slice them in thirds. I save the "middle" slices in a zip-top baggie in the freezer to use later as bread crumbs.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Optimist!
I'm so glad I found your website. I'm going to learn so much here!. I MUST try the FBG blueberry muffins......mmmmm, love blueberry muffins.
I did make some GF brownies recently using the Namaste mix. They were delicious. I took them to a Super Bowl party and didn't tell anyone they were GF. My significant other was worried that people "wouldn't appreciate" something that was GF. But as you can probably guess, the platter was empty when we left. And my significant other? I saw him going back for thirds! HA!
Take care. And keep bringing us the good advice.


Linda said...

I don't buy gf breads very often, but when I do it helps to know which ones are worth getting. Thanks for the review.

celiacmama said...

I am very much not good at sharing my "good" GF food with the rest of my family either.. but they seriously all love my bagels .. grrr :)

Stacey said...

We haven't tried those yet. My husband loves the Kinnickinnic english muffins. Have you tried those? Are these still better?

marylandceliac said...

Stacey - I haven't tried the Kinn. english muffins. If you try the George ones, please post a comment here and share which one you or your husband likes better.

GF/DF Adventurer - said...

I love these as well. I work about 10 minutes from their factory and about once a month I sneak over at lunch time to stock up!

marylandceliac said...

I just tried the Kinnikinnick English muffins and I didn't like them. Thetexture was too spongy/chewy for me. Foods by George is still my favorite!